HOW TO JOIN WEBEX – WebEx is a tool for conducting online meetings. This tool is a tool released by CISCO, where WebEx is currently the most popular media and is widely used by people ranging from small, medium to large companies to conduct regular meetings between employees online.

The Game Engine training will utilize WebEx as the main media for the online meeting process that is scheduled to share and deliver some material related to game engine training, discussion media with participants and as a medium of communication in the process of ongoing activities. By using WebEx media it is expected that participants can attend the training smoothly. Following are some things that must be considered in using WebEx, including:

Make sure participants have an internet connection on the device that will be used to access the WebEx site.
WebEx can be accessed through laptops, PCs, or smartphones that support running the browser.
Make sure the participant has installed the browser on the device either mozilla or chrome.

Furthermore, for those who don’t know how to use WebEx, don’t worry, please follow the steps below.

1. Open a browser installed on the device and type or enter the WebEx address ( the image below is the main page of WebEx after the participant has successfully accessed the site.

2. Look for the “Join” button located in the upper-right corner, then click Join: the image below is the view of the join button (right) and the display after clicking the join button (left).

3. Based on the picture above (left) there are several commands for inputting data. The following are examples of data that participants must fill in:

– In the “Meeting Number” column filled with Room ID: Example: 570 951 807
– In the “Your Name” column filled with the Participant’s Name: Example: Abdul SMAN 1 Bandung
– In the “Email” column filled with Participant’s Email: Example: [email protected]

4. If your laptop / computer doesn’t have a Webex Plug-In in your browser, a display like this will appear, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome Web Browser.

The following steps must be done:

Click the Add WebEx to Chrome button which is green,

then after the Add WebEx to Chrome button is clicked, click the Add extension button, then your web browser (Chrome) will automatically download the WebEx plugin.

When the download is complete, the webex application / plugin is located in the lower left corner of the image below.

To run the WebEx application / plugin, click the downloaded application in the lower left corner of the image above, then the display will be like below.

Click the Run button, and wait for the WebEx application / plugin installation process to install in your Google Chrome web browser.
Check the toolbar on your laptop / computer located below the screen of your laptop / computer, then there is an image / icon.
Click the icon button and wait until the loading process to enter the main WebEx display is complete (100%)

If there are no problems in the process of downloading and installing WebEx applications / plugins, then you can already attend the game engine construct 2 training using WebEx.

5. Good luck and Happy Meeting with WebEx.

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